About us

Who we are

Compass Physical Therapy is a local outpatient physical therapy provider that focuses on providing patients with the absolute best quality of care on their journey to healing. We focus on quality care by utilizing the core values of love, selflessness, and service.

At Compass Physical Therapy, you will not only reach your physical goals, but we will try our absolute best to point you on the right path to healing and a better lifestyle.

Our Vision

To provide the best possible Physical Therapy service which guide individuals on a journey to good health.

Our Mission

Creating a life changing experience in an ever changing health care environment. Physical Therapy is our business, but caring for the individual is our commitment. Our patients will receive individualized and extraordinary care feeling the core values of love, service, and compassion. Treating the injury, understanding the heart, and serving the soul is our calling.

Our Values


Patient-centered care

Evidence Based Sports Medicine model


Community Engagement and outreach

Charitable contributions


Servant Hearts- putting others above ourselves

Focus on growth and development of personnel 

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